10 Most Satisfying Career in World: How They’ve affected lives in positive ways

What is a career?

A cereer is an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life and with opportunities for progress. According to Wikipedia, “The career is an individual’s metaphorical “journey” through learning, work and other aspects of life. There are a number of ways to define career and the term is used in a variety of ways”. For Examples: a paid position of daily, full-time or part-time  employment, a task or piece of work, the one that is to paid for or a  difficult task that needs a skills expert to do.

You can strive to take advantage of opportunity, be thinking about what you can produce, what you can provide that is needful, how you can put yourself head and shoulders above the crowd. There are many career paths you can follow; Some start as a technician, engineering,  research and development. A general path starts off with being told exactly what to do and how to do it. After that you are given a problem to solve.

One career path that some like is to start in customer service and content design. Then you move on to computer programming or system administration. After that and they move into training and then marketing. Following that, people go to supervisory post later into managerial and finally into executive responsibilities. That also is a great path. You can be a great benefit to company because of this broad background.  As your career progresses, always build on present abilities and add new ones.


Clergy or Priest is doing spiritual functions of religious worship according to their particular doctrine or belief. They offer assistance to people in their communities, caring for others and praying for the sick persons in the midst of his/her congregation or parish. Clergy earn an average salary of $50,000 in USA and others advanced countries annual salary.

Chief Executive

Chief Executive can work in almost any industry. They directs, coordinates the goals and activities of a company. He or she has a lot of responsibilities, but they also get to set the tone for the company and manage all of the employees. Chief executives have a high annual salary of $101,000 in USA and others advanced countries annual salary.


He or She diagnoses and treats patients with issues related to their teeth and gums tends to bring many people satisfaction. They often work with a small staff.

Other jobs related are surgeons; medical doctors, pharmacists all have high rates of job satisfaction. All of these jobs are expected to increase at a rate higher than the national average. They earn huge in Nigeria, in broad they earn much better.

Human Resources (HR) Manager

Human Resources Managers, these oversee an organization’s recruiting, interviewing, and hiring processes. They also handle other internal issues, including conflicts between employees and management, salary and benefit issues, and more. HR managers earn an average of $123,000 per year in USA, less more in Nigeria.

Medical and Health Services Manager

Healthcare Executives / Administrators, these managers control and direct various health and medical services. They are into supervising staff, managing finances and communicating with both medical staff and department heads. They earn an average of huge amount per annual and are expected to see a rise in job openings that will be much faster.


Nurses are providing care to patient. The nursing profession can give someone great fulfillment at work. A number of types of nurses report having high levels of work satisfaction. A registered nurse (RN) provides patient care, working in a hospital, doctor’s office, home healthcare facility, or nursing care facility. He or she typically has a Bachelor’s Degree, Associate’s Degree, HND, ND or Ordinary Diploma from a Nursing programme. RNs earn an average of amount much more than other professions especially in abroad than Africa countries.

Information Technology

They often feel a sense of fulfillment because they provide direct client care; Content Development/ Designing, Facility Support in University. They help people in Communication Industries to find solution to their problems. They might work with a particular group of people, such as athletes, politician, Independent National Election Commission, and lots more.


Physicians; Nurses, work with patients to treat various illnesses. They work in hospitals, clinics, and doctors offices, as well as academia and government agencies. To become a physician, they must complete medical school and different internship and various residency programs.

General physicians treat a range of people and conditions and earn an average salary of huge reward worldwide. Other types of doctors that report high levels of satisfaction include obstetricians, gynecologists, Optician, and psychiatrists. All physician jobs are expected to see faster-than-average job growth over the years.

Software Developer

Software Developer uses their creativity to design computer programmes/ applications. They might develop applications for users; they might design the systems that run a device and a network. They are seeing much faster-than-average job growth earn annually.


A teacher works in a variety of educational settings to teach academic materials to students. Teachers working with all age groups report high levels of job professional and satisfaction. Average salaries range from $50,000 to $69,000 for elementary school teachers to high school teachers abroad.

In particular, it is fare small in compared to the above.



A professional wrestler runs against another wrestler and wins. A college computer scientist for seven years now makes her living as a sailboat captain in Seattle.

Why is it possible? He did a switch up professional courses and master it. How did these people get where they are today? Through a combination of luck, confidence and lots of self-awareness. As you contemplate where your own career might take you after college, it’s impossible to know what opportunities fate may throw your way. What you can do, however, is identifying your interests, talents and values, and work on that direction of  occupation that might make good use of you. If you follow the three-step process below, you won’t just be sitting back waiting for careers and jobs to land in your lap. You’ll be working toward discovering what makes you happy and what gives you joy while doing it your fate is there concentrate there you will soon a world household name. A teacher can concentrate his fate in teaching his favorites course/subject, there he would become a researcher and master his dream then he would be a professor in it.

You could sense your dream career through the following:

  • What do I do well?
  • What’s truly important to me?
  • What kind of personality do I want to become in life?
  • What can of strength do I have to achieve my goals


  • Learn about your career options. Do have the opportunity to take a class in college that shows you what the work world is like.
  • Go for good Internships job; scholar programme. Sort out for your priorities, spent time on it, step by step, your strong preferences in it will start to emerge you will gradually sustain a career, you’re making important discoveries that will help you choose a good career when the time comes. Please, make the perfect decision, and always keep your eyes open and make it possible.
  • Do something that is uncommon and unheard of with a different. Do a closed research about the difficult area of it, find a solution the whole, your problem would be solved as well. That is what make up a professional what others could hardly or rarely do, you have done.