The only 1% Idea and Opportunity that works in Starting Small Business to achieve $1Billion

he only 1% Idea and Opportunity that works in Starting Small Business to achieve $1 Billion

An idea is one thing that makes the difference; an opportunity is a potential; skills that bring the thing to its reality.

According to Wikipedia, “Potential is generally referred to as a currently unrealized ability. The term is used in a wide variety of fields, from physics to the social sciences to indicate things that are in a state where they are able to change in ways ranging from the simple release of energy by objects to the realization of abilities in people”

Opportunity is what makes you the ideal work. The best business organizations are formed by wiser entrepreneurs with an idea that waters in their brains.

Bill Gates, like Job Steve, got their ideas and they made work. The whole world has been benefiting from these greater solutions. These solutions have been helping the world to solve its problems and make lives comfortable for all Nations.

Your idea is the dream God gives you to fulfill your destiny. Both ideas and opportunities worked together to realize the envisioned dream. In abroad, companies will buy ideas as a form of knowledge and they also buy  “opportunity” as a form of a service rendered.

An idea could be prolonged but it will come into use after a  season, but when one misses the opportunity it might be lost forever!

According, Thomas Edison, he recognizes the business opportunity in urban electric illumination, which he pursued through tireless Laboratory e Experiments that eventually produced a workable incandescent light bulb.

Hence, the invention was only part of Edison’s genius. He also formed a company that brought together the human and financial resources needed to bring his vision of commercial lighting. That company was the forerunner of the General Electric Company, one of today’s largest and most powerful companies.

The same formula has been repeated throughout history: recognizing opportunity and addressing it through an organization with an idea on hand to work with. Some opportunities are evident and just need to be harnessed; others are created by the entrepreneurs.

Examples, in 2019, when I recognized that the hard copy of the published books was out of hand due Information Technology (IT); J. O. Peculiar Publishing Home was dwindling financially not able to meet the need as it were out of hand, through We Always Learn Magazine, John Mark Sales and My Business Website pages.

Guest what? We set up 3 websites under J. O. Peculiar publishing Home with some photos of our publications, books printed which are now gaining quick profit margin from a small beginning.


  • You must be prepared for your journey. Every self-diagnosis entrepreneur should undertake. Are you should the right start-up and operate a business?
  • You need to start telling people about your enterprise. The step to the entrepreneur process, you are to identify and evaluate potential business opportunities. You should look for a business opportunity, particularly focusing on the problem your business is trying to solve. It also introduces the lean-startup methodology as a way to evaluate market interest and to experiment with other hypotheses about the opportunity you’ve identified.
  • You should start with small you will gradually grow and expand widely.
  • As you are growing apply for drop shipping, market place, and affiliate market, this will open you multiple strengths of income which will make you grow faster, provided you are honest, and follow due process of doing the business well.

Source: Wikipedia